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Positive  Thoughts
"Positive thoughts help us move ahead in life, no matter how difficult the way ahead may appear. If
 everything was handed over to us in a golden platter, friends life would be too boring. James Allen has rightly said, 
"A man can only rise, conquer and achieve by lifting up his thoughts."
We are what we think. Our thoughts reflect our moods. A positive person becomes an inspiring leader and is able to optimise the energy level of the team members, which in turn maximises output. The relationship between our thoughts and our actions cannot be ignored. 
A person who does not know how to be satisfied with what he has is poor, however rich he may be. Neverending desire to possess material things is the main cause of suffering. Always be grateful for what you have been blessed
with. This is what makes a person understand the suffering of others. God has created enough for every one's need but not for our greed as there is no end to our greed.
The global lock down is not without its share of positives. Families have time now to sit together and bond. Having meals together was unheard of, with busy schedules to keep up with. Parents never got time to be with their children. Left to their own devices friends were their only line of defence. Parents loaded their children with the latest gadgets available.Now does this not make you think that this Pandemic is divine intervention, to make us realise our mistake. Let us introspect and set our lives in order. It is time to think of nature and ways and means of potecting it before the human race becomes history like the dinosaurs"

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