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95% People know that they are BORN & 05% People know why they are born?

The world has entered an era of the most profound and challenging change in human history. Which most of our children are not prepared for, and we know it. Parents around the world see the change and know that the traditional three R’s – reading, writing and arithmetic – are necessary, but not enough. Their children need to become far more responsible, creative, and tolerant of differences. They need to increase their ability to think laterally for themselves, take initiative, communicate assertively, manage themselves according to a peculiar commodity called time, get along with others, understand cross cultural divide and solve problems smartly. Unleash the Leader Within is a story which has to be narrated to all the parents globally who are preparing their next generation to meet the great challenges and opportunities of the 22nd century.


dr. surojit saha

co-founder ceo


svr. ava saha

founder president 

What we bring to the table





School's Offerings

At the school level student, faculty and principals webinars are organised to acquaint them with a wide range of meanigful topics. Student exchange programmes are organised that enable students to study abroad. 
Syndicate reports are prpared to inform stakeholders of   opportunities and trends in the education industry. This guarantees future improvement by making appropriate changes at the right time.​

As a Rainmaker we bring solutions for our three major stakeholders viz:

  • Educational Management / Institute Owners.

  • Director, Dean, Principal, HOD, Professors, Teachers.

  • Students and Their Parents.

Services offered as a  fundamental part of our solutions:

  • End to End Educational Consulting for Group of Institutes.

  • Technical and Behavioral coaching.

  • Syndicated and Survey Reports.

  • Partnership and Alliances

  • Finishing School.

  • Reward and Recognition.

  • Career and Branding events.

  • Successfully handled turnkey projects for helping startup schools.

University's Offerings

At the university level CFA assists with Faculty Development Programme and Management Development Programmes.
Mini CEO Projects the latest trend where they don many hats using a  broad knowledge base to bring together cross functional teams is promoted.

SFA also assists with acquring 

  • accreditation of All India Technical Education.

  • Securing corporate partnerships.

  • Helps with branding and consulting internship and On the Job Training.


  • FDP & MDP

  • Mini CEO & Pencil project

  • Aggradation

  • AICTE Affiliation

  • Corporate Partnerships

  • Advising & Consulting

  • Industrial training

Corporate Offerings

SFA provides in Corporate:
CEO and Mini CEO and Global Pencil Projects.
Provides help in reinventing brands and Turnkey Projects.
Organises coaching for CEO's gaining membership into Corporate Academia and Partnership.

  • Billionarire CEO ODC's Project

  • Mini CEO & Pencil Project

  • Hiring & Branding

  • Turn Key Project

  • CSR

  • Counselling / Mentorship

  • University Partnership


Government Offerings

SFA  and the Government Sector.
Assistance is provided by the government in:

  • Training & Consulting

  • Quality Audit & Benefits

  • Mini CEO Project : IIT / NIT

  • International Seminar

  • Value Lab

  • Niti Aayog & DST Projects

  • Conference


Our Proud Clients

corporate sector

ST. Joseph's International School, Malaysia

HP, Bangalore

BMW, Muscat

Lufthansa, Muscat

Morgan Stanley, Gurgaon

FIS, Pune

IIT Delhi


TISS Mumbaai

IIT Madras

DPS Dhanbad

Kasetsart University

BHU, Varanasi

Asset Financial Consultants, Pune

D. Y. Patil Group

 Nizwa College of Technology, Muscat

Indian Society For Training and Development

NPCIL, India

Havas, Digital

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